Hip Exercises

Pre Surgery Exercises

To achieve the best results from your total hip replacement surgery it is recommended that you prepare your muscles around your joint through targeted exercises, as well as ensuring you are as generally fit as possible. This puts you in the best position to achieve a faster and more successful recovery. Remember that you need to strengthen your entire body, in particular your arms, as you will be relying on them to help you get in and out of bed and walk with aids after surgery. 

The exercises below should be started as soon as possible and performed right up to your surgery. It is recommended that you do all of these pre-surgery exercises three times a day on the leg that is due to be operated on (you may find these exercises beneficial for the other leg too). It is not harmful for you to do more repetitions if you feel able to do so. 

If you find any of these exercises difficult, build up to the suggested number gradually and avoid any exercise that is too painful. Other forms of exercise such as swimming and walking are great ways to boost overall health and help you prepare physically and mentally for surgery. 

Post Surgery Exercises

As soon as you have woken up from surgery and your sensation has returned, it is important that you complete all of the exercises below three times a day (apart from those marked with *, these should be performed every hour during the day).  

This is especially important if you are not mobile as these exercises help to prevent post-operative complications. You should complete these exercises throughout the course of your hospital stay and during the initial stages of your recovery. 

Advanced Exercises

These exercises can be completed from approximately 3 weeks post-surgery, dependent on your recovery and how you are feeling. These exercises are to be used when you feel ready. 

Initially ensure you hold on to a stable surface but decrease your support when you feel able to. 

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