Supporting the local community with food and hygiene donations

As part of our ongoing commitment as a charity, Horder Healthcare staff are now able to support their local communities through new foodbank collection points at work. The Horder Centre, in Crowborough, The McIndoe Centre, in East Grinstead and Horder Healthcare, in Seaford are now donation points for food and hygiene products for the Crowborough Foodbank, the East Grinstead Foodbank and Seahaven Storehouse. 

Currently, the donation points are only open to staff but when restrictions allow, we plan to open them up for patients, visitors and the general public to leave donations. We thank all staff for their ongoing donations. 

In addition, The Horder Healthcare Charitable Funds Committee is delighted to donate £100 to each food bank every month to help with their running costs. We are proud to be supporting the vital work of these organisations: 

The Horder Centre – Supporting the Crowborough Food Bank 

Crowborough Foodbank is a project founded in January 2014 by local churches and community groups working together to put a stop to hunger in the Crowborough area. It is part of the Trussell Trust’s network of more than 400 foodbanks across the UK. 

The Trussell Trust is a charity founded on Christian principles but works with people of all faiths and none. The charity’s mission, which Crowborough Foodbank embraces, is to bring communities together to end hunger and poverty in the UK by providing compassionate, practical help whilst challenging injustice. 

The McIndoe Centre – Supporting the East Grinstead Food Bank 

The East Grinstead Food Bank supports local individuals and families in crisis who cannot afford to put food on the table. They are referred by local agencies, such as Children and Family Centres, local primary and secondary schools, churches, hospitals, Citizens Advice and GP surgeries. The charity started with a few food boxes in a garage in East Grinstead in December 2012, and they have now assisted over 9,000 people, averaging over 30 adults and children helped per week. 

Horder Healthcare Seaford – Supporting Seahaven Storehouse 

The Seahaven Storehouse is operated by Seaford Community Church, and provides individuals and families with basic food items. They have seen a threefold increase in the numbers needing help since March last year, and presently help 70 households a week. 

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