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Letty Rodgers

Hip Surgery

Mrs Letty Rodgers celebrated her most recent birthday with a rather special present, care of the Horder Centre and orthopaedic surgeon Mr Michael Fordyce.

With an energy that belies her 82 years, Letty leads a highly active lifestyle, looking after her collection of Arab horses and taking long walks around the fields on her Kent farm with her Welsh corgi Minuty. However, at the beginning of last summer when she was hoping she might be able to get away on her first holiday since the pandemic hit, she started to have issues with her right hip. 

‘I was starting to get some discomfort in my right hip, and at first, being fairly stoic about these things, I thought I would just live with it and get on with life as normal. However, over the summer the pain got worse and fairly quickly my mobility was being compromised to the point where I was finding it hard to walk any distance or be able to help with the horses on the yard. Even when sitting still I was experiencing discomfort. Having had my left hip replaced ten years earlier I knew I needed to see someone.’

She sought out Mr Michael Fordyce, the surgeon who had conducted her earlier hip replacement, and, discovering he was now based out of the Horder Centre, arranged a consultation with him here. He advised her she needed to have her right hip replaced. Whilst the good news was she could have the surgery carried out within a matter of weeks, the bad news was the day suggested for the surgery was September 27th – her birthday.  

‘I was conscious that due to Covid safeguarding measures, my husband and family would not be able to visit me at the hospital. This would mean I would spend my birthday alone and apart from them for the first time. After lengthy deliberations as to whether I should go ahead with the date or defer the surgery to another day it was finally agreed I should get it over with in order to get back to leading a pain free life as soon as possible.’ 

Despite having lived in the area for over thirty years and had treatment at a number of the other private hospitals in the Tunbridge Wells area, Letty had never been to the Horder Centre before.  

‘From the moment I arrived to check in I was impressed by the facilities, and I received a lovely warm reception from the team. My room was large, comfortable and had a lovely view, so I was very happy with my stay. I am a vegetarian and can heartily recommend the food too! It really was like staying in a luxury hotel.’

Mrs Letty Rodgers

Her procedure went well and, having had a hip replaced already, she knew what to expect in terms of levels of discomfort following the procedure, albeit ‘the first night is always the worst!’  

She also knows the importance of getting active again as quickly as possible and being disciplined about following the advice of the physio team. After three days she was discharged and was thrilled to get home. However, she left it a couple of days until she was feeling a little more recovered before enjoying a belated celebration with the family. 

‘Within a few weeks of following my exercise programme, including a number of sessions with the physio at the Horder Centre, I was back to walking Minuty and helping out with light work around the farm. Whilst, of course, I would rather have spent it another way, it’s a birthday I will never forget. I would like to say hip hip hooray for Mr Fordyce, his brilliant team and all the staff at the Horder Centre for my amazing birthday gift.’

Mr Michael Fordyce

Mr Michael Fordyce

Mr Michael Fordyce has been an orthopaedic surgeon for over 24 years and is one of the most respected surgeons in his field. Specialising in hip and knee surgery, his work is widely recognised with patients attending for consultation and surgery from across the UK.

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