Fitter Better Sooner by RCOA

What you do in the time leading up to surgery can have a considerable impact on your recovery and long term health. Patients can learn the important steps to take when preparing for surgery in a newly released video by The Royal College of Anaesthetists.

The informative video guides patients on a journey, starting with how your lifestyle choices such as exercise, smoking, alcohol intake and diet, can affect the length of stay in hospital as well as your future health.

Many healthcare professionals work together to make your operation and recovery go smoothly. Watch the video to start planning today and ensure the best possible outcome for your surgery and recovery.

Fitter Better Sooner

Controlling known medical conditions, including diabetes, blood pressure, anaemia, heart and lung problems, can help reduce risk of infection, stroke or other complications that can arise.

Patients are reminded of practical things to consider prior to surgery, such as arranging childcare, pet care, time off work and paying bills.

The video recommends relaxation methods, mindfulness and breathing exercises to help combat anxiety that can affect patients going into hospital. It also includes tips for how to pass the time while waiting for surgery, such as reading or listening to music.

The video concludes with what to expect during recovery, including how to look after dressings, exercises to reduce blood clots and pain management.

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Source: RCOA

Preparing for your surgery at The Horder Centre

Here are a few things to consider before you come into hospital to help you prepare for treatment.

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