Medical Device Regulation statement

Following the articles published in the national press on the 26 November 2018 regarding medical device regulation, Horder Healthcare wishes to reassure patients that any implant used by the organisation has gone through a strict Clinical Governance process before declared safe to use.

Horder Healthcare has a robust process for following any medical device alert received from the MHRA and any implant used has a documented traceability and registration process in place.

If there are any issues regarding an implant, Horder Healthcare complies with all recommendations from Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency with regard to notifying patients and recall as required.

If any patient or relative has any queries or concerns please contact Horder Healthcare on 01892 665577.

What makes Horder Healthcare unique

Horder Healthcare is committed to providing the very best quality of care for our patients and customers. We are continuously working on improving and reducing risks and this is reflected in our consistently high CQC results, patient satisfaction questionnaires and minimal levels of infection.

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