The Horder Centre provides ‘career saving’ physiotherapy to injured international decathlete

The Horder Centre provides ‘career saving’ physiotherapy to injured international decathlete

Follow Harry Kendall's patient journey at The Horder Centre and discover how our fantastic Outpatient Physiotherapy Team implemented a successful treatment plan tailored to his athletic needs.  

Harry Kendall is an international decathlete who has represented England at the Commonwealth Games.

When Harry developed hip and groin pain after overextending a muscle going over a hurdle, he struggled to continue his training, jeopardising his career.

Following a recommendation from his coach, Harry sought the expert care of The Horder Centre’s Outpatient Physiotherapy Team.

“Hip and groin symptoms are common for those who exercise, play sports, or are involved in athletics. That area is prone to injury, overload or subject to symptoms.”

Mike Anderson, Physiotherapist at The Horder Centre

Following a thorough assessment of Harry, an exercise rehabilitation plan was established, which involved starting gently with active flexibility and mobility to gain muscle strength back into the affected areas.

This created a platform to progress his exercises, tailoring them to suit Harry’s athletic needs.

Mike adds: “Harry has progressed well over the last few months and we have seen improvements in our objective examination.

“He feels stronger and more confident, and our outcome measure scoring has shown significant improvement to date.”

Harry said: “Now I am able to train almost back at my usual level. Without all this treatment, I wouldn’t be competing and my season would have probably been a right off in the summer."

We are proud to have supported Harry on his road to recovery and wish him the very best for all future competitions.

“If I had to sum up my experience with The Horder Centre in three words it would be helpful, comprehensive and career-saving.”

Harry Kendall, international decathlete


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