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Horder Fitness Over 50s takes over from the longstanding Fitness for the Over 50s classes and is a great option for those over 50 looking to keep fit and healthy.

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training and is usually associated with a younger person's exercise program. However, numerous research points to the huge health benefits experienced by older adults specifically using HIIT exercises including aerobic stamina, better blood glucose control, muscle function and memory performance.

HIIT exercises can include pretty much anything you like but emphasise completing the exercise at high intensity in a short amount of time. This makes HIIT perfect for those who wish to make their workouts fast but effective.

Our 45-minute workouts aim to provide you approximately 20 minutes of high-intensity work using all the major muscle groups to improve strength and stamina.

Class Information

Duration: 1 Hour
Cost: £10 per class
Location: Crowborough and Seaford

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Due to the nature of the exercises, we ask that you are generally healthy, able to get on and off the floor independently, and do not have any outstanding cardiac health problems before attending the class.


Personal Exercise Therapy

Personal exercise therapy is a one to one session with fully individualised support from a qualified Exercise Rehabilitation Instructor.

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