Balance and flexibility

Balance and flexibility

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This class is aimed at people who are over 60 and afraid of falling, or who have had one of two falls.

It is for those who want to improve their strength, balance and, confidence in performing daily activities, mobility and independence, with a guided exercise programme. The programme we use has been proven in studies to reduce the likelihood of falls in the older population.

Each week (eight-week timetable) the class structure is different to provide variety for both the body and mind.

The benefits of physical exercise

The benefits of physical activity in the ageing individual have been widely documented. These include positive effects on the cardiovascular system, maintenance of bone mass, improvements in joint mobility and increases in muscle strength, improved sleep, cognitive function and, mood. Exercise for an ageing individual can also reduce anxiety, lessen depressive symptoms, improve body image notions and, reverse a person’s fear of activity. There is a body of scientific evidence to suggest that the positive effects of exercise can slow down and reverse the symptoms of ageing.

Class Information

Duration:  1 Hour
Cost: £10 per class
Location: Crowborough / Seaford

Check Crowborough timetable here

Check Seaford timetable here

How to book a class in 3 simple steps

1. Go to our booking platform
2. Login or create a new account
3. Browse the class schedule and select the class you wish to book.
You must book your classes online up to 1 week in advance.

Please note that before joining your first exercise class you will be required to fill out a short medical questionnaire on the booking platform.

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