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Patient feedback posted via nhs.uk

I am very lucky because I live in the same town as The Horder Centre but I would want to continue using it even if I moved a long way away. They specialise in muscular, skeletal problems and because they don’t have an intensive care unit, they won’t be suitable for patients with complications but for everyone else, they are simply excellent.

Firstly they are an independent charity so not part of the NHS although I understand 90% plus of their work is for the NHS. I have had two knee replacement operations there, one privately funded and on the NHS and I was treated exactly the same both times.

I suppose because they don’t do everything but concentrate in a few areas, the whole process works very smoothly right from the initial appointment with the consultant, through to discharge after the operation.

In relation to my recent operation, on the date I saw the consultant, he arranged a couple of X-rays which were done down the corridor in about ten minutes and then I saw him and we decided how to proceed. He then placed me on the list. I was then in the process and a few tests and a blood sample was taken again without any significant waiting. I was in and out in under two hours.

About ten days later I received a letter with a date for the operation, it was about three months in the future. However, I decided I would like it done earlier if possible so I phoned and was placed on a waiting list for a cancellation. An hour and a half after my phone call, I received a call from them offering a date three weeks later; I quickly said yes please.

About ten days after that, I attended for some more tests and for a session, with other potential patients, by an occupational therapist who gave us lots of paperwork, including a very comprehensive booklet on what to expect and the paperwork exercises we should do from now on to prepare ourselves for the operation. This booklet is on the website and is very comprehensive. At this session, a member of staff offered and made me a cup of coffee and this just demonstrates the very friendly and helpful attitude all staff there have towards their patients.

The operation took place n time and everything was faultless. Staff efficient without appearing rushed and just nice.

The same attitude was displayed by the nursing staff throughout my stays. They know their jobs inside out and quietly do them.

The meals are very edible with the presentation being attractive and the quantity, if anything, just a little too much at a time when you’re not feeling great.
Physiotherapy. Now we get onto the other main strength of The Horder Centre. It is simply very good, effective but intense. You have either a one to one or a group physiotherapy session two or even three times a day as and when you are ready to start which will certainly be on the day after the operation unless there is a medical reason for a delay. They work you hard but in a considerate way.

I strongly recommend the Horder Centre.
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