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Graham Bowles

Hip Surgery

Graham Bowles, 67, from Seaford, was months away from retiring after a long career as a builder when he began to experience sudden pain in his right hip.

Graham, who was on his final job as a Contracts Manager, explains: “My right hip began to ache more and more. It got to the stage where I couldn’t get up the stairs on site, so I resorted to speaking to my team over the phone.

“It deteriorated incredibly quickly and within four to five months I was on crutches.”

Following a visit to his GP, Graham was sent for an X-ray that revealed arthritis in both hips. This resulted in him having his right hip replaced at The Horder Centre in June 2022, by Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Andrew Skyrme.

Although his left hip did not give Graham any pain symptoms, the X-rays revealed enough damage to result in him having his left hip replaced in June 2023, again by Mr Skyrme at The Horder Centre.

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Preparing for surgery

Two weeks before his first procedure, Graham avoided alcohol and increased his exercising to prepare for surgery. He stayed for two days at The Horder Centre for recovery and was back driving four weeks after the operation, following Mr Skyrme’s advice.

He adds: “You are given very clear directions and exercises by the physiotherapists, and I read the booklet thoroughly before each procedure.”

Following his recovery, and subsequent retirement, Graham made the time to regularly swim, which helped him prepare for his left hip replacement one year later. His confidence and knowledge of the recovery process resulted in Graham staying just one night at The Horder Centre and he was able to drive two weeks after the operation, again following Mr Skyrme’s advice.

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'Life-changing' surgery

Graham said: “I can’t praise The Horder Centre enough. The whole process, from the moment you walk up to the reception to the moment you leave, was amazing and you are made to feel so at ease.

“Everyone across the board – physiotherapists, anaesthetists, catering – were very friendly and efficient. The communication and all the information given to you was exceptional.

“Mr Skyrme was friendly and very informative from the first time I met him, putting me at ease. He arranged a phone call with me two weeks after the operation to check on my progress and then again four weeks later to check in once more. During these phone calls, he also stated that if I had any problems to contact The Horder Centre straight away.

“I was very pleased with the whole experience and life-changing surgery.”

“Mr Bowles has successfully undergone staged bilateral hip replacement. We have used an uncemented technique with a ceramic on plastic bearing through a minimally invasive approach. The minimally invasive approach essentially reduces tissue trauma and speeds up recovery and improves the final outcome. Following this procedure, patients are able to drive at week two and usually dispense with their walking sticks and crutches. By week six, patients are then ready to get back to their normal activities, such as playing golf or walking long distances. I am delighted to hear that Mr Bowles has had a good outcome and enjoyed the experience.”

Andrew Skyrme, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Mr Andrew Skyrme

Mr Andrew Skyrme

Mr Andrew Skyrme FRCS (Tr. & Orth.) is a leading Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon specialising in hip, knee, and foot and ankle surgery.

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