Online video consultations

We are now offering a video consultation appointment service through a web platform called Attend Anywhere. You may be asked by a clinician if you would like to use our video consultation service for a new or follow-up outpatient appointment.

What is Attend Anywhere?

Attend Anywhere is a secure web-based platform for patients and service users with pre-arranged video consultation appointments.

Find out more about how your consultation will work:


Your appointment

If you have agreed to have a video consultation, we will schedule your appointment as normal and send you the details of your appointment, including the date and time and name of your virtual clinic.

Starting the video consultation

On the date and time of your appointment, you will be able to enter your clinic below via the button. It is a good idea to enter the waiting room a few minutes early. Here you will be able to test your equipment.

When you open the link to access the video consultation, you will be asked to enter your first name, last name, date of birth and phone number. This information will help us to identify you. Occasionally your appointment might not run at the planned time. When this happens the consultant will aim to send you a message via the application.

During the video consultation, your clinician may share their computer screen with you, to display test results, or other important information.

We will not store your details and any details you do submit will be transferred securely.

If you have any problems accessing the video consultation please call us on 01892 620939.


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