Consultant Q&A: Mr Tofunmi Oni

Consultant Q&A: Mr Tofunmi Oni

Mr Tofunmi Oni, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, specialises in hip and knee procedures.

In this Q&A, he provides an overview of ROSA, robotic technology for total knee replacements.

Discover what a robotic assisted knee replacement involves, how it differs from normal knee replacement surgery, and the benefits it can provide to patients.   

Q1. What is a robotic assisted knee replacement?

A. This is an enhanced technology using the aid of a robotic system to more accurately plan surgery for a knee replacement before, as well as improve accuracy during the operation in order to achieve higher results for patients at the end of the day. 

Q2. How does a robotic assisted knee replacement differ from normal knee replacement surgery?

A. They both have the same aim, which is to change the surfaces of the worn-out knee through a combination of metal and plastic. However, a robotic knee replacement uses additional information through a computer to specifically map a patient's anatomy with the aim of increasing accuracy and also the potential to simulate different scenarios and pick a scenario that would give the patient the best possible outcome. 

Q3. What are the benefits of a robotic assisted knee replacement over a conventional knee replacement surgery? 

A. One thing is the increased accuracy during the operation often will lead to patients recovering at a much quicker rate initially, but also getting much higher outcomes for a longer period. 

Q4. Are all patients suitable for robotic assisted knee replacement surgery? 

The simple answer is yes. Personally I would use this technology in all my patients if I was able. 

Mr Tofunmi Oni is a leading Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon who specialises in hip and knee procedures, including hip replacement, knee replacement, meniscus tear repair, knee arthroscopy and revision hip replacement. In addition, he is also an expert in knee injections.

Knee replacement surgery

Our knees come under a lot of pressure during our lifetime. Gradually the joint can become damaged or worn from ageing, arthritic conditions or injury. If you have been experiencing severe pain that does not alleviate with rest and affects your everyday mobility, quality of life and ability to work, your doctor may recommend a total knee replacement.

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