Horder Centre chefs have found the recipe for success when it comes to hospital food, say patients

Patients at The Horder Centre in Crowborough say chefs have found the recipe for success when it comes to serving hospital food.

More than 93% of patients, who took part in a focus group, said the food was either very good or excellent with nearly 77% rating it excellent while 100% said the food had good nutritional benefits and helped their recovery.

Comments from more than 30 patients included the wide and well balanced choice of food, the quality of the vegetarian dishes and the fact that the food was “in a league of its own.”

The aim of the focus group, organised by Horder Healthcare, the charity that runs The Horder Centre, was to get feedback and see if there was anything patients would like to see changed.

Following this feedback The Horder Centre are now changing the menu format and design to ensure patients are aware of all options available to them. These include the choice of decaf, herbal and fruit teas, the option of sandwiches instead of a hot meal and a wide range of breads on offer.

Guy Heasman, Hotel Services Manager at The Horder Centre, said: “We were really delighted to get so many positive comments from patients and it was great to get some suggestions too. We’ve listened to those suggestions and taken action so we hope patients like the changes we’ve introduced.

Horder Healthcare celebrated its 60th birthday in 2014. Its focus is to advance health, by continuing to provide outstanding services including elective orthopaedic surgery, physiotherapy and a range of health and wellbeing specialist classes as well as the specialist services available at The McIndoe Centre including maxillofacial services, ophthalmology, and reconstructive plastic surgery.

What makes Horder Healthcare unique

Horder Healthcare is committed to providing the very best quality of care for our patients and customers. We are continuously working on improving and reducing risks and this is reflected in our consistently high CQC results, patient satisfaction questionnaires and minimal levels of infection.

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