Camellia Podmore | Shoulder surgery

Camellia Podmore


When a build-up of calcium in the shoulder became too painful to bear, Camellia Podmore was advised to undergo surgery, despite having a severe phobia of needles.

Camellia explains: “I went back and forth to the GP due to really bad pain in my shoulder, which had been going on for ages. I was passed from pillar to post as they didn’t know what was wrong. I have a young family and it became painful to pick up my children. I was in agony.

“I was eventually diagnosed with calcific build up. From the moment they told me what was wrong, I was so grateful to have some clarification.”

After an x-ray, Camellia was referred to The Horder Centre to have an MRI, followed by a consultation with surgeon Mr Jamie Buchanan. She was soon scheduled for keyhole surgery to remove the calcium build up in her shoulder, also known as calcific tendonitis.

“I have a really bad needle phobia,” adds Camellia. “The staff were fantastic and really looked after me from the moment I arrived for surgery. They did everything possible to make me feel at ease and accommodate my needs.


“After surgery I was given lunch and spoke to the physiotherapists. They went through the exercises and gave me a print out so I could do them at home. I was also given a number to call if there were any problems, or if I had any further questions.

“I have been left with three little crosses from the keyhole surgery but you can hardly see them. It has healed so well and I am really impressed.”


“I have taken six weeks off work and have attended several physiotherapy sessions, which have really helped the recovery progress. The first session was two weeks after the operation when I couldn’t move my arm much. During the session, the physiotherapist manipulated my joint and by the end I could lift my arm towards my head. My second physiotherapy session was in the gym involving the exercise ball and different movements to the arm.

"It has been fantastic. I only have two more weeks off work and if I carry on with the exercises it will continue to make a huge difference."

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