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Fi Tillman


World class wheelchair basketball play Fi, aged 40, was part of the Great Britain team that came fifth in the Women’s World Wheelchair Basketball Championship. It was the team’s highest ever placing at a world championship.

After a road traffic accident several years ago, Fi realised that she would never be able to return to able bodied sport and was persuaded to take up wheelchair basketball.

When it came to needing a third operation, Fi's GP recommended The Horder Centre where she underwent surgery and then follow-up physiotherapy.


Fi said: “My surgeon, Sam Rajaratnam, my physiotherapist, Hannah Munn and I all worked together to ensure a swift recovery from the operation. It now means that I can undertake my wheelchair transfers with less pain and manage to mobilise over very short distances with crutches and orthotics.”

She added: “From my first consultation to the moment I left, the service at The Horder Centre was first class. There is clear emphasis on genuine care, compassion, cleanliness, empathy and viewing the patient holistically. I am now deeply reassured that when I require future orthopaedic procedures that I will be able to have those done at The Horder Centre by highly experienced surgeons at the top of their field while being cared for by their wonderfully supportive staff.”

Fi said she believed what made The Horder Centre different was the way it created an ethos of patient care and focused on the best possible outcome for each patient.

“This is embodied in the way that all of the staff, without exception, from the consultants, nurses, physiotherapists, administration and cleaning staff interact and work with the patients. It’s evident in the language they use and the gestures of care and thought that they undertake that go above and beyond the “usual” service you’d expect.”

Fi adds: “Before the Paralympics there are two years of intense work, learning, focus and execution so for me it is a daily process. Nothing can ever be taken for granted and everything must be earned… if I can make it, it will be down to a wonderful team of people who have supported me on my journey.”

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