Steve Robinson | Dupuytren’s

Steve Robinson


For years, Steve Robinson suffered from Dupuytren's contracture, a condition that causes the fingers to bend towards the palm. 

Steve explains: "The main culprit was my little finger; it was bent and hooked in. For instance, I couldn't get money out of my pocket because my finger would get caught. It was incredibly frustrating and getting worse over time."

Simple tasks such as putting the kettle on or shaking peoples' hands became increasingly difficult, so he visited his GP, who referred him to The Horder centre.

Following a consultation with surgeon Oliver Harley, he underwent hand surgery and attended five physiotherapy sessions at The Horder Centre in Crowborough.


Steve adds: "Now after the operation I am aware how much better my hand moves, but the fact I had physiotherapy played a massive part. I was thinking it was an overkill and I had trepidation as I thought it was too soon because of the stitching.

"The healing seemed to take place very quickly. I noticed very early on the angle the fingers went back to. It was a telling sign. The physiotherapists really made my fingers work.

"Before the operation and physiotherapy, the range of movement and amount of pressure I could exert on that hand was minimal. It was holding me back. The improvement has been huge and I am really impressed.

"I have a couple of minor scar lines which are fading fast but the difference is great. It's given me so much more usage and I can do things that I couldn't do before.

"I had a question mark over how much physiotherapy would help me but now it makes perfect sense. It is quite an extensive operation and involves a lot of work so why wouldn't you do it? People might have questions and reservations in their mind but I would 100% recommend having physiotherapy."

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