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Ian Russell

Hip Surgery

Ian Russell, a qualified paraglider pilot and keen sports participant, started noticing a difference in his mobility when he found it harder to take part in the sports he loved.

At first, he thought it was a pulled muscle in his groin, but after much physiotherapy he was advised that a new hip would be necessary. Listening to his friends’ recommendations, he decided to choose The Horder Centre for this treatment.


Ian explains: “About three years ago I started to notice I was experiencing difficulties doing the hobbies that usually came very easily to me.  Launching my glider was becoming more difficult; my windsurfing skills seemed to be deteriorating which as an ex instructor was quite upsetting.

"Worst of all was the effect on my squash game, I was never a particularly good player but I loved the game and usually played twice a week. I put this down to ‘getting old’ but I was only 68 and felt as young as ever.  For this reason, I decided to switch to the less intense game of racketball. I felt I had pulled a muscle in my groin and I could feel it pulling and it often ached. 

“After my GP referred me for some physiotherapy, I was told that although my hip muscles were very strong, an XRAY confirmed that there was arthritic growth on the hip socket and that the head of the femur was not as spherical as it should be. As a result, I was referred to The Horder Centre for a total hip replacement at my request.

“The Horder Centre really helped me prepare for my surgery and I found the information provided very helpful. I also made sure that I did all the necessary exercises, as I knew this would help me to optimise my recovery. 

“My Consultant was very informative and skilled, and he carefully explained the whole process to me so I knew what to expect during and after the procedure. The facilities at the Centre are outstanding, it was all well organized and I was kept up to date by the helpful staff.

"As I was due to have my surgery within the Covid-19 pandemic I was apprehensive about my hospital trip, but after my first outpatient visit my mind was very much put at ease.

I was especially impressed with the amount of testing that was going on while I was there, I felt reassured and safe."

Recovery Journey

“Since my procedure, life is like it was back in 2018.  I have been walking most days and I am very pleased with my progress - if it were not for Covid -19, I am sure I would be playing racket ball again! I can now put my socks on without a ‘pull up’ device and I can cut my own toenails.

"The scar is hardly visible, it is only eight and a half centimetres long!  It was an excellent outcome for me.  Indeed seven days after surgery I was able to walk over half a mile (albeit with crutches).  Now three months on and I do not even think about the procedure - my life is normal.  Thank you all.”

Walking log

Ian has kindly shared his walking log to illustrate how, just 13 days after his total hip replacement, he was able to walk 3.67 miles. Over the following month he continued to walk regularly, whilst also making sure he took regular rest days. Ian's fantastic progress is testament to his dedication of performing the recommended exercises prior and post-surgery.


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