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Heather Curry

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Heather first visited The Horder Centre 16 years ago for a knee arthroscopy and was told at the time by her Consultant that due to her arthritis she may need a hip replacement in the future. As a busy swimming coach running her own business, Heather was regularly walking on very hard surfaces around the pool and 14 years later was told she had bone on bone arthritis which could only be improved by surgery.


Heather explains: “When I had my initial appointment with my surgeon he was extremely positive about the outcome of my prospective surgery and I felt very excited about the difference it would make to my quality of life. I attended an information day at The Horder Centre for prospective patients which was a great help in boosting my confidence, as well as giving me advice on how I could get the best results from my surgery. I followed all the recommended exercises and lost a stone to aid my recovery."

“The surgery went smoothly and all of the staff were so attentive. After the operation, the nurses were in and out constantly, making sure I was ok and my pain was manageable. Everyone had warned me prior to surgery that afterwards you feel like you won’t be able to walk again but with the encouragement of the excellent physiotherapy team I made good progress. The food was lovely and I felt very cared for.

"I was discharged after I had completed the necessary skills and sent home with all the equipment and medication I needed, plus a set of instructions of exercises to do to enhance my recovery. Two weeks on from surgery and I was up in the woods walking a mile with a stick, just as I was promised."


“Three weeks after the operation I went to my local surgery to have the dressing removed from the wound. The two nurses and I were taking it in turns to look because we were just so impressed with how small and tidy the scar was; just a red, slightly puckered line.

Photo: hip replacement scar at 4 weeks 5 days

“At 4 weeks and 4 days I got back into the swimming pool. I just love swimming and it was fantastic to be able to stretch out in the water again. I am being very careful, and I am still avoiding some movements until I see my surgeon again, but a good crawl kick was allowed, and manageable! My daughter saw my scar in the shower, and even she was impressed!

“I now have the freedom to do any activities that I choose; it is like a new life. Almost unbelievable and absolutely wonderful!”

Benefits of hip replacement surgery

90% of patients experience a large reduction in hip pain following a total hip replacement, which allows them to return to their normal daily activities.

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