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Kevin Battell

Hip Surgery

Race director of the Crowborough 10K event, Kevin Battell, was back jogging just nine weeks after a hip replacement at The Horder Centre.

Kevin, 53, had experienced pain for a while before he was referred to The Horder Centre where he saw Mr Senthil Velayudham who carried out the operation in August.

He was keen to get back to sport as quickly as possible because it had played such a huge part in his life after 30 years playing football, then competitive badminton and long distance running.

Although Kevin, who runs his own print finishing business, knows he will not run the same distances as before, he is happy to be running again without any pain.


He said: “I will slowly build up to the point where I can do 5km and 10km and I would really like to do a triathlon. Whether I have another marathon in me, I’ll just have to see.”

Of The Horder Centre, Kevin said: “It was brilliant. People were very friendly and the food was really nice. I was lucky too as I have friends who work there so a lot of faces were familiar.”

Benefits of hip replacement surgery

90% of patients experience a large reduction in hip pain following a total hip replacement, which allows them to return to their normal daily activities.

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