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Jim Eldridge

Knee Surgery

Author and scriptwriter Jim Eldridge is walking pain-free again after a knee replacement at The Horder Centre.

Jim, who has had 90 books published which have sold over three million copies, was experiencing problems with his left knee for about a year when he was told there would be a 10-month wait on the NHS for an operation.

After a neighbour recommended The Horder Centre, Jim decided to undergo the operation privately. He saw consultant surgeon Paul Gibb in January who then operated a couple of weeks later.


Jim, 73, said: “My experience at The Horder Centre was excellent, from my surgeon, Mr Gibb, and the neatness of the operation, to the physiotherapy and the post-operative care. The operation has made an incredible difference to me.

Before, I could not even walk 50 yards because it was so painful. Now I am walking pain-free.”

He has strictly followed the post-operation exercise programme and was told his recovery was in the top 10% of patients.

Jim, who is the creator and writer of Radio 4’s long-running King Street Junior and CBBC TV’s sci-fi drama Powers, as well as many more TV and radio series, continues to write from his home near Borough Green.

Knee replacements at The Horder Centre

Last year we performed 1,247 knee replacements at The Horder Centre. For more information about the procedure please click below.

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