Molly Williams | Knee Replacement

Molly Williams

Knee Surgery

“Even during a pandemic I felt I was in the very best hands”

After enduring 10 years of pain in her knee, Molly decided that the time had come to have a total knee replacement at The Horder Centre with Orthopaedic Consultant Andrew Armitage.

Molly explains: “As a textile artist I am on my feet all day, and I was in pain from the moment I woke in the morning until I went to bed. I previously loved walking but at the worst point was only able to walk for around 30 minutes before the pain became too much. It was preventing me from doing so many things, so it naturally came to a point where I had to look at joint replacement surgery.

“When it came to deciding where to have the procedure, it was an easy choice. My son had a partial meniscectomy at the Centre after a rugby injury and was very pleased with the care and outcome. Everyone in Crowborough knows of the Centre’s excellent reputation, so I had no hesitation.


“I felt fully prepared for my surgery and didn’t feel in any way rushed. Going into a hospital during the Covid pandemic could have been daunting but the whole process felt very safe and highly organised.

I knew I was in good hands with my consultant Andrew Armitage, and found the staff to be so caring.

“I recovered well after the procedure and was well looked after - the food in particular was absolutely fantastic! I felt confident about returning home, although one thing I wasn’t prepared for was how tired I was after the surgery and this lasted for around 3 weeks. I am now 6 weeks on from my surgery and my recovery is on track.

“I can already feel a massive difference in my knee and I am now expecting that I will need my other knee replaced at some point, but for now I am looking forward to a life where I can work on my feet without pain. I am dreaming of going on long hikes and getting a new dog – something I wouldn’t have been able to consider without surgery.”

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