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Tony Adams

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As someone who has experienced life changing results at The Horder Centre, Tony Adams is now giving back to the hospital as a volunteer. 

Tony, a great grandfather and retired engineer, first visited The Horder Centre in 2011 when a meniscal tear led him to have a knee arthroscopy with orthopaedic surgeon Sam Rajaratnam.

He returned several years later for a hip replacement, and in the years that followed he had his other hip replaced (both done by orthopaedic surgeon Michael Fordyce), as well as both knees replaced. Each operation was as an NHS patient after a GP referral.

Tony, 82, explains: “I knew of The Horder Centre and I told the GP I would like to go there. It was the same with both hips."


“My knees were more difficult. I insisted on being referred directly to Mr Rajaratnam as he had done such a good job during my knee arthroscopy.

“My knees would be absolutely fine then they would give way and collapse. When they were x-rayed, there was no cartilage at all. It was bone on bone and became very painful.”

Preparing for surgery

Tony soon learned how vital it was to prepare not only for surgery, but for the weeks and months leading up to each operation and subsequent recovery. He bought an exercise bike to build muscle strength, which helped him achieve optimum results.

He says: “The surgeons are very skilled but the important bit is what you do before and after surgery. Beforehand, you are getting your muscles fit and prepared for surgery. Afterwards, it is about doing exercise to aid your recovery and increase mobility. It is so important to do and really does work.

“The physiotherapists were really good. I would walk along the corridor at first, then I progressed to one to two sessions in the gym. I returned to The Horder Centre for physiotherapy sessions so they could monitor my progress.”

After each operation, Tony continued his recovery at home with daily exercises to strengthen the hip and the knee.

He explained: “Both hips have got more or less full movement back. The knees took a bit longer in getting flexibility back, but I did expect that as it is a bigger joint.

“The healing has been absolutely perfect. I never had any trouble and the scars have faded well. I don’t have any restrictions on what I do because of my joint replacements.”

Tony still uses the exercise bike several times a week and has now returned as a volunteer to help carry out maintenance jobs around The Horder Centre.

He says: "I have had four major joint replacements at The Horder Centre; all were very successful. Most notable was the care and consideration shown by all the staff who looked after me and I am glad to have the opportunity to give some of my time to help and support them."

Benefits of hip replacement surgery

90% of patients experience a large reduction in hip pain following a total hip replacement, which allows them to return to their normal daily activities.

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