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Diane Hibbett


When Diane Hibbett experienced ongoing knee pain, she thought a knee replacement would be the only answer to her problems.

Diane suffered with knee pain for three years and it started to affect her balance. It occasionally awoke her at night, her walking had become slower and she found it increasingly difficult to lift her grandchildren. She was referred to The Horder Centre by her GP and attended the Knee Advanced practitioner clinic.


Diane explains: “My knee would get really stiff and I couldn’t walk for more than a mile without discomfort. I’d previously had a successful knee replacement on my other knee, so I was determined that I wanted this one done.

“I was given three options; exercise and physiotherapy, injections or an operation. When I heard you could still achieve great results through exercise and physiotherapy, I decided to try it. I already did a fair amount of exercise but I continued to feel pain.”

Diane attended several physiotherapy sessions, where the importance of pacing her activities and improving her balance were discussed. Diane also tried knee cap mobilisation to loosen her knee cap, which complimented her targeted exercise programme to improve her walking and strength in her legs.

Attending physiotherapy also gave Diane the opportunity to learn how to tape her knee cap to ease her symptoms while she walks.

After staying motivated and setting some clear goals, Diane’s walking pace has improved, her symptoms are under control and she can now lift her grandchildren. She is also able to complete three to four exercise classes a week to maintain her balance and strength.

Diane adds: “I was given a workout sheet, which was really helpful to be able to complete the exercises at home, and I went to the leisure centre where I started to do more dynamic exercises. When you are pointed in the right direction it gives you so much more confidence.

“I really recommend physiotherapy first as it has been very beneficial and truly makes a difference. You have to be prepared to be dedicated, but it is worth it.”

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