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Robin Bell

Knee Surgery

Years of playing squash led to such severe knee pain that not even removing damaged cartilage could help the discomfort experienced by Robin Bell.

“I previously had a telescopic operation to remove the damaged cartilage, but it didn’t help,” explains Robin. “The knee had completely disintegrated and I began to experience discomfort in the other knee.

“I joined the local ramblers group but walking down slopes was terrible. I suffered for a long time and the pain got worse and worse. It got that bad I had to do something about it.”

Robin, who already had a successful hip replacement at The Horder Centre, was referred to the centre by his GP. After an x-ray and consultation it was agreed that Robin would need knee surgery.


He said: “I had a total knee replacement, which required 42 steel stitches, but the scar is nice and straight. They did an excellent job of it and I am very happy with the outcome.

“The staff make sure you can walk along the corridor and up and down the stairs before you leave hospital with a set of exercises. I went home and started with exercises while recovering in bed, then around the house. I soon progressed to walking up and down the road, going for longer each time.

“I had six weeks of physiotherapy at The Horder Centre, where I progressed to the gym machines and got my knee moving. I was doing a lot of exercise so my recovery was very quick. I went back to the gym three months later, doing cycling and spinning.

“For years, both knees hurt, but since the operation they are absolutely fine. I have slowed down with walking but other than that there is no pain and I can still go to the gym. I can now attend spinning classes four to five times a week.

“I would recommend The Horder Centre. It has got a good name and nobody I know has a bad word to say about it. I was well looked after, the staff were great and the process was very smooth and efficient. I can’t fault it.”

Knee replacements at The Horder Centre

Last year we performed 1,247 knee replacements at The Horder Centre. For more information about the procedure please click below.

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